UM Dragon and Lion Dance Team

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The Dragon Dance Team of the University of Macau was established in March 2019, aiming at inheriting and promoting the Chinese traditional culture. It gives great opportunities for students to contribute their strength, develop their potential and maintain physical fitness. We currently have students coming from Macau, Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. The Dragon Dance Team members are comprehensive, adaptable and convivial in creating a diverse and harmonious team atmosphere. In August 2022, the UM Dragon Dance Team added Lion Dance as a regular training scheme and officially changed its name to the UM Dragon and Lion Dance Team.

The Dragon and Lion Dance Team is managed by the Office of Sports Affairs (OSA), which follows the same rights and obligations as a university team. OSA provides free training and exchanging opportunities to the team members; accordingly, team members actively perform at all kinds of celebrations and events.  Thus far, the team has participated in numerous internal and external performances, such as UM Open Day, sports events’ opening ceremonies, celebration banquets, and so on and so forth.


Training schedule:

  • Time: Mon & Wed 21:00-23:00 
  • Location: Sports Pavilion (N8,G/F)
  • Temporary rehearsals may be arranged before the performances

Successfully admitted Dragon and Lion Dance team members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Participate in the team’s dragon and lion dance training and receive basic percussion instruction;
  • Have the opportunity to be referred to exchanges.

If you meet the following conditions, you can get:

  • 10 hours of PE hours if the attendance rate is above 75%;
  • 400 CS point from the Whole Person Development Award Scheme if the attendance rate is above 80%;
  • Only those with a high attendance rate will have the opportunity to be referred to the summer exchange program and receive a subsidy.

Team Member’s Obligations:

  • Comply with the Dragon and Lions team rules;
  • Attend weekly regular training sessions and rehearsal sessions on time;
  • Actively participate in various performances and competitions of the Dragon and Lion Dance team.

Contact and Enquiry:

  • Office of Sports Affairs(N8, 1017)
  • Mr. Luis Hung
  • Phone Number: 8822 4931
  • E-mail:

Training Time and Venue:

  • Every Mon & Wed 21;00-23:00, N8 Sports Pavilion
  • Additional training before the performances 
  • Tryout Schedule: 13 Sep & 18 Sep 21;00-23:00, N8 Sports Pavilion
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Establishment of UM Dragon Dance Team

UM Open Day

Group Photo


Opening Ceremony of Exchange Trip

First performance

Guided tour of Exchange Trip

UM Open Day 2021First night dragon performanceVisiting CYTC