OSA PE Hours

Please note :

FED Sports Instructor has confirmed that the 10 PE hours requirement for this semester will be “waived/cancelled” due to the current situation of COVID-19.

Guidelines on OSA PE Hours

  • Students who attend the WHOLE activity and arrive ON TIME will be given XX OSA PE hours
  • Students may check-in 15 minutes prior to the activity starts
  • Students who arrive late or leave early over 10 minutes will NOT be given any PE hours
  • Students who leave the venue during the activity for over 15 minutes will NOT be given any PE hours
  • Students have to check-out in 15 minutes after the activity ends
  • OSA reserves the right to cancel students’ PE hours if students disrespect the events, violate the staff’s instructions or carrying out any disrupted activities at the time of the event

Activities with OSA PE Hours



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Upcoming Activities

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