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The University of Macau (UM) was wounded in 1981, the University of Macau (UM) is the only internationalised public comprehensive university in Macao, with a modern governance model. 80 per cent of its faculty members are from outside Macao. With English as the main medium of instruction, the university is committed to producing creative and socially responsible graduates with a global mindset and international competitiveness.

Currently, there are more than 10,000 students at UM. For undergraduate students, the university provides a unique ‘4-in-1’ education, which consists of discipline-specific education, general education, research and internship education, and community and peer education. Adopting a credit system and a collegiate system, the university offers around 130 degree programmes at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, covering a variety of fields, including literature, language, business administration, marketing, accounting, finance, international integrated resort management, science, education, biomedical science, law, history, economics, psychology, sociology, communication, engineering, computer science, and Chinese medical sciences.

In addition, UM is dedicated in developing Sports Affairs. Currently, there are 17 University Sports Teams, including Badminton Team, Dragon Boat Team, Fencing Team, Karate Team, Korfball Team, Martial Arts Team, Rock Climbing Team, Men’s Soccer Team, Squash Team, Swimming Team, Table Tennis Team, Tennis Team, Track and Field Team, Basketball Team (Men and Women) and Volleyball Team (Men and Women).

Every year, UM Sports Team participate in various sports competitions, including:

  • National Inter-varsity Championship
  • Macau Inter-varsity Games – Series of Competitions
  • Competitions organized by various Macau sports associations and sub-organizations
  • Friendly competitions between UM and local / non-local higher education instititions

By becoming a member of UM Sports Teams, you may enjoy different benefits:

  • Representing UM to participate in various competitions
  • Receiving subsidy for participating non-local competitions and trainings
  • Being trained by professional team coaches
  • Having priority in joining activities organized or arranged by Office of Sports Affairs
  • Having the opportunity to receive sports scholarships