Volunteer Recruitment for “Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2018” (Acitivty Date : 7 Oct; Working Date: 6-7 Oct; Volunteer quota is on first-come, first-served basis)

UM Women’s Basketball Team, Men’s Soccer Team, Men’s Volleyball Team and Women’s Volleyball Team participated in the “2018 University Sports Carnival” organized by Fudan University and Soochow University

UMSU Tchoukball Club – 2018 Tchoukball Interest Course (Registration Deadline: 2 Sept)

Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2018 (Acitivty Date : 7 Oct; Registration Deadline at UM : 28 Sep)

UM Martial Arts Team won 13 Golds in “The 13th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition 2018”

Sports Interest Courses for 2018/2019 1st Semester (Application Deadline: 13:00 of 30 Aug)

The 3rd Macao Citizen Sports Day organized by Sports Bureau (OSA Registration Deadline: 7 Sep)